The Flesh vs. The Spirit

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When we think of “the flesh” we often think about yucky things, you know, those really sinful behaviors that we need to avoid as Christians. But did you know that “the flesh” can actually look…good? … Read More

Extraordinary Faith

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What made the 1st century church so dynamic? One of the most important traits she had was her extraordinary faith. But this faith was not merely in a historical figure who lived, died, and ascended; it … Read More

Nicavangelists and Las Vegas

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What a great week with the kids from Nicaragua. Their stories, energetic program and kingdom hearts have been inspiring. We got to share at 3 Boys and Girls Clubs, 2 churches and the Children’s Cabinet. … Read More

A Counter Cultural Church

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The Jesus that the first century church followed was revolutionary, meaning he called for and created seismic change in the lives of people and in the culture and the religion of their day. Question: Has … Read More